Speccing out… chairs?

I love my chair.

My chair is a fully kitted out Herman Miller Aeron, which originally belonged to my ex-husband. How he got it, I don’t know, but I know the words, “Fell off the back of a truck,” came up once in conversation. When we met, it was his home office and gaming chair, and over time, it became mine. It’s the only chair that I’ve ever found that could be adjusted in all of the ways that I like.

In the course of a normal day, I probably spend 5 to 6 hours in my chair. Leaving aside that generally, that amount of sitting is unhealthy, having a good, comfortable chair is, like having a solid pair of boots, something that occupationally I cannot do without. Good chair for when I’m working at home, good boots for when I’m in the field. They’re equally important, in my eyes.

For reasons I won’t get into, my legs go numb and then later, hurt, if I spend too long sitting normally. My chair allows me to sit fully cross-legged at my desk while maintaining a straight-backed posture. My chair is the only one that I’ve found that supports my back and is roomy enough and deep enough in the seat to allow me to sit cross-legged without spilling over on either the front or sides. The armrests are adjustable and can be brought in or out as I need them.

I will reiterate. I love my chair.

The problem is, my chair is fairly heavy, and I’m about to move 4300 miles away, and to another continent. Shipping is, prohibitively expensive, and I’m having to do some deep soul-searching about what I can take with me, what I can ship, what I can store for several years, and what I need to discard. It’s hard to justify spending money on shipping a chair, even if it’s my favorite everyday all-day been with me through an MA, two MMOs, a game-dev job, and starting my own company.

So I’m in a serious first world problem quandry. Do I eat the cost of shipping, knowing this chair will make me feel a little bit more like I’m at home? Or do I find an alternative, and store the chair for future days.

I’ve looked at a lot of options for replacements, with an eye towards what I can get in the UK, delivered. I’ve weighed the cost of a new chair versus the cost of shipping versus what price point I can afford. I tested everything in Ikea, hoping that one of their options would work, but none did. I’m sort of stuck, right now.

I have until early December, when I move out of my current house and have to store things, to decide what to do. Hopefully, something will come to me.

If I try to work anywhere other than in my chair, this sort of thing inevitably happens.
If I try to work anywhere other than in my chair, this sort of thing inevitably happens.