WAC-8 Poster

In less than a month I’m traveling to Kyoto to take part in the Eighth World Archaeological Congress. It’s a conference that meets every four years, and covers archaeological topics of all periods and places. I’ll be giving a paper on gendered representations of archaeologists in video-games, chairing a session on archaeological representation in media, and presenting a poster on the ethical code for archaeogaming that I’m creating as part of my dissertation research.

The code is still quite rough, I’m presenting it as a draft format, with the hope of getting feedback on direction and viability. This should be translated, through the filter of a first year PhD student as, “I’m terrified that my work will be torn apart but also terrified that someone will do this work before me, and better, and more publicly.”

As a secondary life, the fabric poster will be cut down to make a purse and a wallet when the conference is over.
As a secondary life, the fabric poster will be cut down post-conference to make a purse and wallet.