Productivity levels, low. Tea levels, high.

I’ve recently had whooping cough (for the second time) and it’s been a definite dissertation set-back. I estimate I probably lost 5 weeks worth of useful work time. (Note: 5 is what I wrote when I originally started this post, it’s now closer to 8.) I have managed this though, my first pass-through of open […]

#AmendP9: A Response to #SAAPrinciple9

Earlier this year at #SAA2016, in Orlando, there were many conversations about the ongoing problems of harassment in archaeology. The topic that received the most attention was sexual harassment, but there were also discussions of harassment involving, amongst other things, gender, age, sexual orientation, and disability status. I attended two organized sessions that were centered […]

Radical Transparency: How do I work this?

One of the issues I’ve struggled with in my research is how to combat the inherent bias involved in media critique, especially when the media critique so heavily involves play, which is an inherently personal thing. It’s been an issue in every step of the process. How do I select games that adequately cover representations of […]

State of the Dissertation: The Second TAP Approacheth

Here we are in August, and my second Thesis Advisory Panel meeting is fast approaching. Because of schedules, both mine and my supervisor’s, my TAP will be a bit early, in the very beginning of September. That, coupled with leaving for WAC at the very end of August, means that right now I have 10 […]

No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey, Dennis-1*

One of the (few) advantages to being from the US, but based in the UK, is that I have been able to maintain my access to the US-side Playstation Store. (I never switched my account over, and I don’t think I will, at least not in the foreseeable future.) Because of this, I found myself […]

8bit Test Pit

Along with my colleagues Tara Copplestone and Andrew Reinhard, I am now one of the hosts of a new podcast, 8bit Test Pit, streaming on the Archaeology Podcast Network. On the podcast we talk about archaeogaming, the intersection of culture in material and immaterial worlds, digital ethics, methodology for excavation in game spaces, and how games […]

WAC-8 Poster

In less than a month I’m traveling to Kyoto to take part in the Eighth World Archaeological Congress. It’s a conference that meets every four years, and covers archaeological topics of all periods and places. I’ll be giving a paper on gendered representations of archaeologists in video-games, chairing a session on archaeological representation in media, and […]

#SAA2017 Archaeogaming Symposium

It’s time to start planning for next year’s conferences, because this stuff starts very, very far out. The Society for American Archaeology’s Annual Meeting will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from March 29 – April 2, 2017. I’m currently involved with planning two sessions, one for Project #Moonstuff, and one on archaeogaming. While this is […]

Bruised but Unbeaten

My recovery from the great tumble continues. My foot is mostly better, unless I walk on it too long. My back is still a wreck. My arm, which hit the banister on the way down, has turned a lovely shade of blackish-purple, a color that were I twenty years younger, my teenage goth self would have […]