Boom Goes the Tailbone

And suddenly, with a thud down the stairs* and a rush of cold Yorkshire air, it’s June, and I’m onto another section of my dissertation. While I’m still working on my literature review, and will be on and off until September, it’s no longer the primary focus of my days. I’ve moved into working on […]

Work Life What?

One of the problems with doing a PhD by research in the UK, is that effectively, your time and how you manage it is your own. There’s no coursework, and no set hours that you have to be anywhere. It’s freeform and open and unless you’re very, very careful, that vastness of possibility can go […]

Hidden Voices: Excavations at Breary Banks & Malton

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working under my advisor, Sara Perry, as she directs the archaeology and heritage field school for University of York first year undergraduates. The students are preparing an audio guide, map, and brochure to detail the WW1 site of Breary Banks, Yorkshire. This endeavor is done in tandem with […]

Having a Sense of Humor

First, the Interactive Pasts Conference, put on by the Value Project at Leiden University, was fantastic. It deserves a serious recap, which I intend to give. That’s not what this post is though. This post is silly pictures of me. During the conference, the following photograph of me was taken while I was giving my talk […]

Conference Life

Having survived my first Thesis Advisory Panel, and largely settled into a routine in York, I’m now preparing to leave again for a few weeks to fulfill conference obligations I set up months ago, in what feels like another life. Conferences are one of those aspects of academia that I wish I’d had more explanation on […]

New life, same blanket

I arrived in York on the 4th, and spent the two weeks after that living in an Airbnb (this one, it really is a must-stay if you’re vacationing in the area) before moving into my house. The dogs and cats arrived, and we started the process of settling in. A week on, and it’s only […]

Speccing out… chairs?

I love my chair. My chair is a fully kitted out Herman Miller Aeron, which originally belonged to my ex-husband. How he got it, I don’t know, but I know the words, “Fell off the back of a truck,” came up once in conversation. When we met, it was his home office and gaming chair, […]

There’s so much pink in WoW…

I want to like World of Warcraft, but I… really don’t. I’m trying to figure out what that says about me, as it’s just about the most popular video game ever, and arguably is the most mass market Massive Multiplayer Online game ever. I like video games. I like MMOs. Why don’t I like World […]