State of the Dissertation: The Second TAP Approacheth

Here we are in August, and my second Thesis Advisory Panel meeting is fast approaching. Because of schedules, both mine and my supervisor’s, my TAP will be a bit early, in the very beginning of September. That, coupled with leaving for WAC at the very end of August, means that right now I have 10 […]

WAC-8 Poster

In less than a month I’m traveling to Kyoto to take part in the Eighth World Archaeological Congress. It’s a conference that meets every four years, and covers archaeological topics of all periods and places. I’ll be giving a paper on gendered representations of archaeologists in video-games, chairing a session on archaeological representation in media, and […]

Boom Goes the Tailbone

And suddenly, with a thud down the stairs* and a rush of cold Yorkshire air, it’s June, and I’m onto another section of my dissertation. While I’m still working on my literature review, and will be on and off until September, it’s no longer the primary focus of my days. I’ve moved into working on […]

There’s so much pink in WoW…

I want to like World of Warcraft, but I… really don’t. I’m trying to figure out what that says about me, as it’s just about the most popular video game ever, and arguably is the most mass market Massive Multiplayer Online game ever. I like video games. I like MMOs. Why don’t I like World […]

Making an #archaeogaming list

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m reconsidering how many games I’m going to use in my dissertation research. I’ve found, since I’ve had all the time since my program acceptance in May to kick ideas around more, that I can move faster than originally anticipated with play + write-up. The sticking point is still the […]

Time, and what to do with it.

I’m struggling with nailing down which games to include as case studies in my dissertation, and which to set aside as smaller analytical works. Right now, my proposed schedule gives me three month-long periods in which to do casework/fieldwork, but I’m looking at some aspects of my timeline and thinking that I can adjust. In […]

I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

In April of 2015 I was accepted to study for a PhD at the University of York. I’ll be moving at the end of the year and will begin my time in York in January. Because some people like seeing these things, and because it might prove helpful to someone else, I’ve pasted my research […]

Oops, my cynicism is showing.

As part of my dissertation prep, I’m in the process of building a bibliography regarding ethics in virtual ethnography. Basically, I have to find any and all articles that discuss what makes good practice when engaging with online communities. Here’s the problem. Most of the articles about engaging with online populations seem like they were written […]