List of Popular Roulette celebrities

List of Popular Roulette celebrities

The game of luck, roulette is known as the casino game with the greatest chance of winning – after all, in most cases it is a choice of simply picking black or red. The following people have made a fortune out of the roulette table. They have proved that not everyone loses at roulette. Let’s have a look.

Chris Boyd

In modern history, Chris Boyd is one of the first to attempted to be a professional roulette player. The UK based Chris, is a software developer who saved around $220,000 over several years intending to spend it all at Las Vegas casinos. He wanted to spend all his money on a single spin but was refused. However, after some negotiation, the casino staff led to playing The Horseshoe Club – a game that has a minimum bet of $100,000. He spent all his money on a single spin and won. This was the beginning and the end of his gambling career post which he vowed never to gamble again

Ashley Revell

Another British man, Revell wanted to recreate Chris Boyd’s win. However, the only difference being he was already a professional gambler at that time. Interestingly, he decided to sell everything he possessed just to raise enough money for a single spin in Las Vegas – his staked for $135,000. He managed to create a media stir and reporters from all over the world followed his progress and were present during the live spin. Surprisingly, he won and doubled his money to $270,000. Like his idol Boyd, he also decided never to gamble again. He used that money is setting up his own poker site.


Joseph Jagger

Another professional roulette player, Jagger is the first person to identify that no two roulette wheels are alike He thought he could calculate the outcome of a spin. Many people have followed this theory and worked on the basis that a wheel will have flaws including the famous mathematician Sir Albert Einstein. If it is off-center slightly, damage (no matter how minor) and other imperfections will weight a wheel in favor of landing on certain numbers or certain colors. He finally put his idea into effect in Monte Carlo where he and his several friends identified a wheel most likely to present a win. Jagger win big and thereafter was widely known as “The Man Who Broke the Monte Carlo Bank”

Charle Wells

Charles, a great player who was frequently seen playing roulette in the casinos in Monte Carlo. He made history by winning almost 2 million francs in just48 hours. It’s worth noting that he played with huge sums and also he lost a lot of money on the way. Charles was already a professional gambler until this enormous win – successfully predicting 23 out of 30 spins and winning several million Francs.

Casino games can be fascinating. You can try your hand at any casino and win big. Just make sure to practice enough before placing the wagers