A quick guide to tipping in Vegas casinos

A quick guide to tipping in Vegas casinos
Las Vegas

When it comes to Vegas, people think about the luxurious restaurant, hotels but rather than these, it is well known for gambling. It has a huge number of Casinos and gaming centre.

Well, if you go to the Casinos it is common they will ask for a tip, as tipping is expected there from where you service. For example, at Casino, the Casino dealers do not split their tip and they take whole money with them to the home and it is common there. Some tips there are paid with casino chips rather than cash because some casinos owner does not allow cash tip to the employees. Many will say that tips are not allowed in online casinos there but it is untrue. You should know who and when to tip in casinos. In the below article we will guide you about the tipping facts and techniques:


You will be amazed that most of the income poker dealers get with tips only. They had customary to give them 1$ chip at least as a tip. As they do a lot more work there then just keeping track of split pots. A good dealer there may continue your game for long but a bad one can get frustrated over you. For the live dealers, you can tip a static amount for each session. It is recommended to avoid the chips if you are directly dealing with the dealer. In craps, a two-way bet can be placed meaning you and dealer will split the winnings.

Bar & Drink

Many Casinos comes up with a drink for free of costs. But it is customary to give them tips of at least 1$-2$. There actually 1$ per drink but it is on your luck. You should tip the table hosts and the cocktail girls. The cocktail server should also be tipped.

Hotels & Restroom attendant

The person there who carries your bag (bellhops) should be given a tip of 1$ up to 12$ it is customary. In the hotel, if there is housekeeping then you should give a dollar tip per day and if they spend some time with you to show everything then you can give them more. If you go to a restaurant then it is common to give them a tip from 15 to 20 per cent but if they have poor service, you can give them a bit lower.

Restroom attendant, they are forgotten when it comes for the tip. After there if you throw paper towels or cleaning stuff, they clean there so you should give them also some tips.


If your fare is below 15$ then it is customary to give them at least a dollar tip because if you notice they had taken a long way to reach out to you at your hotel, so make sure that you leave them by giving tip. But if they take a long time to reach out to you there or do not drive safely then it is on you to give tip.

It is imperative to remember that tipping is voluntary and not compulsory.