What are the Strategies to play Roulette online

What are the Strategies to play Roulette online

There are more strategies to win roulette than any other casino game, yet the vast majority of players consistently lose. The reason being, most roulette tips pages focus on casino promotion, rather than useful tips. We’ve broken down some of the best-known roulette strategies, the rules they’ve inspired, and the payouts you can expect if you successfully put them into practice. Each of the strategies listed below has proven popular with land-based and online players alike and could lead you to success at the tables:

The Martingale Strategy

Developed in the 18th century, the Martingale strategy is one of the oldest, and best-known roulette strategies. As per this strategy the player has to double his bets after every loss so that with the first win, all the previous losses are recovered and also some profit is earned at a higher stake.

However, this betting system is applicable only to those players who are infinitely wealthy and never going to be bankrupt when having to double their bets. 

Labouchere System

The Labouchère system also called the split martingale or cancellation system is a gambling strategy popularly applied in the game of roulette. This strategy was developed by the famous roulette player Henry Labouchere (1831 – 1912). In this, the player sets a goal as to how much money he wants to win and writes down a list of numbers that adds up to the pre-determined number. Every time the player places a bet, he stakes an amount which adds up to the first and last numbers on the list. This process continues until either the list is completely crossed out, at or until the player goes bankrupt.

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Paroli System

The system has derived its name from the Latin term “par” which means “One that is equal”. The parole system is the exact opposite of the Martingale system and is often referred to as the Reverse Martingale System. Instead of chasing the losses, the paroli system focuses on raising wagers when a win is generated. A 100 year sold strategy; this was first used in one of the casinos at mecca. It is a betting system which takes advantage of the winning streaks

Paroli is a tried-and-tested, positive betting system that aims to increase the chances of growing the profits by taking advantage of winning streaks. The Paroli Betting System is over a century old and was first used at one of the casinos of Mecca. It has since become one of the most used strategies in the world.

The Paroli Betting System is one of the safest strategies one can use when gambling at a casino. If you enjoy a structured way of betting, this is the betting strategy for you! The fact that the system is a positive progression system itself means that your overall losses will not be very huge.

Paroli is a combination of both the Martingale system and the anti Martingale system The two main purposes of this strategy are to generate small wins consistently and to huge losses.